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Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them.

"Vanessa is a highly professional, thoughtful and intuitive therapist who creates a safe and fun environment for the children she works with.  I appreciate our co-operation and would highly recommend her therapeutic approach to families in Prague."

Corky Hawkins

ES Counsellor

International School of Prague

"My daughter enjoyed the play therapy time with Vanessa, but what was most helpful was the insights and strategies she offered us as parents to help our child."


Matthew Hayes

Father of 10 year old girl

"I would like to kindly recommend Ms. Vanessa Gendron.

She was working with our 3 year old son for one year using her wonderful play therapy.

It was very useful and our son has benefited greatly from those sessions.

Vanessa is very kind and great with kids, our son loves her and their time together."


Maria Rosenblat

Mother of 4 year old boy

"Vanessa Gendron is a miracle worker and a fabulous therapist!  She has worked with our son who has Down Syndrome for more than nine months now, and we have seen vast positive results.  She came highly recommended by the international preschool that our son attends, and although we were not as familiar with play therapy as with other therapeutic forms, we started our son with Vanessa, hoping to fill some of his occupational therapy needs.  We were delighted to see his rapid progress!  Vanessa is warm, bright-spirited and calm, which allows children to open up to her care quickly.  She carefully observes and caters to each child's individual interests so as to guide them through fun play and music-centered activities that increase their motor skills, dexterity, openness, and especially behavioral responses to stimuli.  With our son's condition, this is key, and it has been an essential addition to his schooltime training.  Vanessa has a well-equipped office inside Global Preschool with toys, balls, music and percussive instruments, but as she favors outdoor spaces for therapy, she also takes the kids outside to guide their play.  She also leverages her skills as a trained actress and clown to bring shy or willful children out of their behavioral shells and encourages new, more open and positive behaviors.  We are blessed to have found her!"


Caroline and Erik Black

Mother & Father of 6 year old boy

"My daughter worked with Vanessa after school and she enjoyed it. It helped her express herself in a safe environment. I liked Vanessa’s professionalism and warmth. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to work with your child."

Marie-Pierre Capistran

Mother of 10 year old girl

"Vanessa Gendron has been collaborating with us at the Global Concepts International preschool for several years and she is a part of our community.  We appreciate her support, determination and magical way of making wonders happen.  I believe she has all the qualities we look for in a play therapist as we have witnessed the positive impact of her work on our students.

Her dedication and compassion guide children by encouraging them to act out their feelings and dilemmas through play, she draws on the power of play to give palpable expression to children's concerns by empowering them."

Alana Kamula


Global Concepts International Preschool

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